September is a special month in library world! Our library cards are a bargain no matter how you look at it, and this is how it works in the state of Illinois. If you are a resident of the city of Greenfield a % of your real estate taxes go to the library so your card is paid for that way. If you own property in Greenfield but don’t reside here your card is also part of your real estate taxes. If you are a non-resident and live in the Greenfield school district, but don’t pay a library tax on your real estate you can get a family card for only $25 per year. We have the lowest rate in the county. If you don’t have a public library in your school district and we are your closest library you also qualify for the $25 card. This would apply to the Northwestern School District. GPL cards can be used at any library which is part of the Illinois Heartland Library System. If you BUY 2-3 books or DVDs a year you’ve spent $25! Think how many items you can BORROW in a year for that same amount! Come in, check us out, and get your library card!

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