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The Greenfield Public Library cordially invites you to join our Century Club. The Century Club was the idea of former board member, Bruce Haven. The idea was to create an exclusive club, designated by a fixed membership fee, renewable annually. to provide perpetual funding for our library. And at the same time acknowledging and keeping members up to date on new innovations and events at the library.

The Board and Staff at the Greenfield Public Library work hard to keep the services provided to our community, raising over half of our annual budget by doing fundraisers. The Century Club is an innovative idea to let you as individuals take an active part in furthering the continuation and growth of the Library,

We hope you will accept this invitation and opportunity to be a member in The Century Club. Though your membership you will be an integral part of The Greenfield Public Library.

The Century Club - Questions and Answers

Q. What is the Century Club?

A. The century Club is a group of individuals dedicated to promoting and supporting the Greenfield Public Library through an annual membership.

Q. How much does it cost to belong to the Century Club?

A. The annual membership fee is $100.

Q. Other than helping the library financially, do I get anything for my dues?

A. Well, of course, you will get the satisfaction of knowing that through your membership you will be helping the library continue to provide services for our community and you will get you name on a scroll, published annually, which will be prominently displayed in the library. Also you will receive an attractive lapel pin signifying your membership and a semiannual newsletter keeping you up to date on what's happening at the library.

Q. Can I pay my membership fee in installments?

A. Keeping track of installment payments would to too time consuming for our staff and would defeat the purpose of The Century Club which is exclusive from other donors and donations by the fact that it is an initial and renewable $100 fee.

Q. Can I join the Century Club anytime during the year?

A. Yes, with exceptions. You can join the Century Club during open membership or renewal months. For example, our first membership drive ran from January 1 thru February 28, 2004. In April the membership scroll was produced and pins and membership letters mailed. The yearly renewal will begin at the same time (January 1) and again last for two months. Every April a new scroll will be produced. If you join after February 28 of any renewal period, your name will not appear on the scroll until the following year. You will, however, receive your pin and be put on the mailing list for the Century Club's semiannual newletter.

Q. If my spouse and I join as a couple and pay $100, do both of our names appear on the membership scroll?

A. Your name will appear on the membership scroll as Mr. & Mrs. ___________ and you will receive one membership pin. If a family joins for $100, the scroll will read: The __________ Family and one pin will be issued. If, lets say a group of school children or club or any group raise $100 to join, they would be listed as: The 2004 ____ grade class or club name or group and one pin will be issued. So $100 represents one membership and one line on the Membership Scroll for one year.

Q. Can businesses join the Century Club and is the membership tax deductible?

A. Yes, businesses can join the Century Club. We welcome their support and encouragement. Their mames will be listed under "Business Members" on the scroll. Both individual and business membership fees are tax deductible.

Q. Who should checks be made out to and can I join for more than one year at a time?

A. Make checks payable to the Greenfield Public Library. And yes, you can prepay membership for as many years as you like. In time the membership scroll will reflect and designate long standing members.