Easter Coloring Contest Winners

Congratulations to our Easter Coloring Contest Winners:

Ages 3-4: Kinley Pyatt and Corbin Weller
Ages 5-6: Aiden Pattison and Lainey Frank
Ages 7-8: Trent Glaenzer and Leah Wood
Ages 9-12: Joelle Ford, Lyndsey Twitchell, Sami Loy and Brooklyn Giberson

Easter Basket Raffle Winners!

We would like to thank everyone who came out Saturday to our Easter Eggstravaganza!  Congratulations to our winners:

Boy’s Blue Bucket:  Dash Pembrook
Manicure Basket:  Elaina Lansaw
Tween’s Pink Bucket:  Elizabeth Wright
Greenfield Shell Basket:  Nora Bishop
Beverly Stills Memory Basket:  Emma Wood
Umbrella Pretty in Pink:  Lainey Frank
Tackle Box:  Patti Loy
Star Wars Basket:  Sherry Pohlman
Kid’s Bucket:  Leah Wood
Woman’s Basket:  Fran Greenwood
Kid’s Yellow Bucket:  Samantha Loy
Adult Coloring Book Basket:  Mary Newton
Midtown Mart Basket:  Judy Hallock
Candle Basket:  Nichole Axley
Kid’s Basket:  Jackson Walden
Beach Cooler Bag:  Sarah Stone
Garden Basket:  Kaci Weller
Outdoor Play Basket:  Dean Barrow
Meehan’s Basket:  Mandy Bayless
Hair Care Basket:  Lydia Lansaw
Auto Zone Bucket and Creeper:  Carrie Schnelten
Boy’s Sand Bucket:  Levi Cook
Girl’s Sand Bucket:  Emma Wood
Child’s Beach Set:  Jackson Walden
Women’s Basket:  Lakely Albrecht
AMC Movie Bucket:  Kate Fabion