Daily Archives: October 11, 2023

Safesitter Course

An update for all who might be interested in our Safesitter course through Carlinville Area Hospital & Clinics. It will be held on a Saturday at the library in Jan. or Feb. of 2024. Lunch will be provided. The cost per student is $25 but the library will pay a portion of that with grant funding we’ve received for outreach programming.

Library Crawl

We are ready for library crawlers to visit our library during the month of October! Our patrons can get passports in the library. Each passport has QR codes for maps and attractions/eateries to make it easier to plan your outings. You can stay close to home or branch out in your travels. White Hall Township Public Library, Roodhouse Public Library, Jerseyville Public Library, Brighton Memorial Library District, The Hayner Public Library District, Carlinville Public LIbrary, and Winchester Public Library are just a few of the 158 libraries participating this year! Have fun!